Savannah is the city of patience or the learning thereof.  We call it “Slowvannah” for a reason. Whether that be taking 20 years to wait for Bald Eagles to relocate while paving the Harry Truman Parkway, waiting at every single red light in town along it’s many highways and byways or waiting for a table at any restaurant in the area on a Friday night.  In Savannah it is best to just turn on the radio and enjoy the music, talk to a stranger and get to know them and their names, make a new friend, admire a strong live oak tree on the corner, watch the sun slowly set.  Simply put, a place to enjoy your moment.

Each morning like an old Heinz ketchup glass bottle, Savannah pours itself out of bed and gently oozes out into and throughout each day.  You’ll get there when you get there and even then, you’ll probably have to wait some more.  There are many places like the Riverwalk on River Street where life just flows on by and you actually feel like you’ve stepped back 20 or more years back in history.

Savannah is where I rested.  Where I chose to enjoy the prime of my life. Embrace and enjoy most every moment.


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